The Army Training Center is an educational and

training organization that turns civilians into soldiers.
These are the summary of the rules on sending letters:

(This summary is translated from and edited by Hyungsikness to guide

Park Hyungsik's international fans. Please credit us if you wish to post/tweet it)

1) All fans can send letter using snail mail starting 2nd week of enlistment.

2) Unlike Internet letters (printed on A4 paper), 'hand' letters are less likely to be lost, because the officers will take the direct route to the letter box.

3) Please enter the sender's address as there may be a same name. *In case of Park Hyungsik's international fans, you can write "From your fan <name>, <full address including your country>"

4) Regular mail to the military goes through mailboxes, so depending on the region, it may take longer to deliver than regular mail.

5) In the case of the mail received at the training camp, if you write the address correctly, it would be take 1 to 5 days to deliver to the trainee. *This is for local mail. For international mail, please refer to your country's national postal services regarding the time frame for your letter to arrive South Korea.

6) It is advisable to post the letter 1 month before the training is completed at the training center.

7) Do not enter resident registration number, financial information or other personal information as the content of the letter as it has risk of leakage.

8) Do not send unauthorized publication of works such as videos, music files, etc as the copyright law shall apply to the contents. You can be fined and imprisoned.

9) DO NOT send parcel to Park Hyungsik during training. Training center is a temporary accommodation. It will be a burden for him to receive them because he will have to take all stuff with him (together with his own personal stuff) when he moves out from the temporary camp to his permanent camp. Parcel can be sent after he moves in to his permanent camp. Please be patient. 

Tips to write a letter:


1) Address him correctly.


2) Introduce yourself and tell him where you are from.


3) Use polite words in your sentence. Send encouragement and support message.

4) Avoid adding unnecessary/unrelated picture in the letter. 

5) Write neatly. Neat handwriting will be easier to read.

6) Write in English or Hangul. It is easier to understand.

7) It is better to keep the letter short (probably 1 A4 is enough)

8) Make sure to write the address correctly :)


우편번호 : 33012
충남 논산시 연무읍 사서함 76-14호 육군훈련소

30연대 6중대 3소대 1분대

TV Show 'Real Men' clip shown

Park Hyungsik was training in the military police