Park Hyungsik'S

new movie 'Jury'



- Support Review -

On Support Day, we were quite nervous because a huge typhoon was coming to Korea. I was worried that the support would be canceled.

I was worried about it. It was not hot because there was no sunlight, and it did not rain. Lucky!

We arrived at the scene with Hyungsik and staff. 

The first hamburger car came. 

- Hamburger. -

We have prepared three kinds of steak cheeseburgers, shrimp burgers, and French fries for the actors and staff.

Before we started preparing the food, the staff came and asked, "Can I eat it?"

Excellent choice! Steakburgers were very popular on the scene. 

Coffee tea. 

The coffee was very delicious, too. The presidents were very kind. Thank you.

- Beer. - Beer.

The most popular thing on the scene was beer. As soon as I took the beer, I took it all.

Here are four popular kinds of beer (Heineken, TSINGTAO, HOROYO, isultokTok) and Chilsong Cider, which is an advertising model by Hyungsik. 

I was happy to prepare a drink with the format as an advertising model. I hope we will help you.